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Glass House Prophet  is a Classic Rock band based out of Western Iowa. GHP maintains a high production value with each song it performs leaning more towards a "Concert" experience with each show. While performing other artists' popular material and staying true to the original versions, GHP performs each song with passion and personality. GHP first got together in 2008 with the combined goal of top level musicians performing at the top of their ability. Although different members have passed through the band the high level of competence has always remained with each lineup. Through the years that high level of quality and commitment to excellence still remains. And now in 2016, this may just be the best lineup yet.

Glass House Prophet  is: Dan Grove - Vocals and Percussion, Jeff Hathaway - Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer and Vocals, Micheal Jones - Bass, Steve Hansen - Drums and Vocals and Gregg "Doc" Carpenter - Sound and Lighting Technician.



Hey guys, Bob + Nancy from Central NY stayed in Stuart 1 nite and had the great luck of hearing your band. We want more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Hebert


You all put on a great show! Sure hope to see you guys play again, soon.

Terry Larsen


Way cool band! Can't wait to see you all live!

Mark Ratzlaff


Seen you at Hull ave last night GREAT SHOW!!!!!

Don Martin

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